Luminescence Light Sculpture

Luminescence Light Sculpture

Contemporary Light Sculpture

In the form of the “Maiden Voyage”.
A paper mache light sculpture, framed with pliable bamboo
Commissioned by Coup d’ Etat Antiques.


Golden Ratio Light Fixture

A perfect golden ratio grouping of 19 light bulbs radiating a spherical hub of light.  Verdi gris neo-classical vintage hanging frame with Greek key border surround.

offered by Coup d’Etat

2 Responses to “Luminescence Light Sculpture”
  1. Maha says:

    I love these lights! Do you know how much the second one costs?

    • As a blogger, I just post thing that I find beauty in. I am not involved or informed in any way as to the price of anything. I recommend contacting the artist for pricing information. I always try and include links to the artist sites so that you can at least find how to contact them if you wanted to… so please do use the link as a starting point.

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